Iveco Stralis - Awesome beasties - now powered by gas!

We invest in the best vehicles and equipment to keep your load on the move - Iveco Stralis trucks. Thanks to our annual replacement policy the average age of our fleet is 3 years old. All of our vehicles comply with the London Low Emission Zone Regulations (LEZ) and are 100% Euro 6 but within a short space of time, our fleet will be powered by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). Not only will this reduce our emissions by over 76% but, in conjuction with our energy policy Nicholls as an entity we aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2024.

Fill her up Bob…
at 161° below freezing

Step on the gas and help yourself and your customers towards the reality of a carbon-neutral future!

We are going to have the reality of Carbon Neutrality at some point. At Nicholls we always embrace a challenge. We like to be way ahead of legislation and regulation and to have a customer feel good about what we can achieve together. We have invested in research, development, training, and infrastructure - building one of the first LNG filling stations in the country. We can pass on these benefits to our customers - in advance of the legislative curve. With Nicholls you're always one step ahead.

The facts about LNG…

When our directors were looking at LNG it was the chicken and egg scenario, do we invest in trucks and hope a refuelling station will come along or do we wait for the refuelling station and then buy trucks.

Paul Nicholls our MD decided to do both and invested in 10 LNG trucks at the end of 2019 and at the same time had a refuelling station installed on site.

We are delighted that we have further expanded and invested and now a third of our fleet are LNG vehicles running on Biomethane and producing over 76% less CO2 than a conventional diesel truck. We also have the only LNG truck refuelling station in the southeast.

The remainder of our fleet is predominantly Euro 6 whilst we wait for the LNG refuelling network to improve across the UK and further expand our fleet of LNG vehicles.

100% Gas Powered

The facts about our Solar Power System

When we constructed our state-of-the-art site we installed photovoltaic cells on the roofs of our office block, workshop and warehouse and now produce enough electricity to power our own site.

We also capture all the rainwater that falls on our site and recycle this to us in our truck wash.

Carbon Neutral

A Thoroughbred Fleet

We currently operate in excess of 100 artic vehicles and 350 + trailers including walking floor trailers. Our larger curtain sided trailers allow for customers goods to be double stacked inside a trailer providing a more cost effective solution, in turn allowing for more goods to be transported.

The majority of our vehicles are less than three years old and regular maintenance programmes ensure we keep our fleet in peak condition, minimising breakdowns and reducing repair downtime. Very few hauliers have their own workshop, but we do. Our trailers are serviced by our team of workshop fitters every eight weeks and our tractor units every five weeks. Keeping our fleet fit for the road means we can guarantee you reliable services at a competitive price.

  • Traditional family owned haulage company with a large, modern fuel-efficient fleet.
  • Modern vehicles equipped with systems to help reduce COemissions.
  • Our vehicles and trailers are serviced on a regular basis by our team of skilled mechanics.
  • Expert in-house maintenance keeps our fleet ready for the road.

Sustainable Transport

We work to minimise environmental impact by managing control of emissions, monitoring fuel economy and maintaining our fleet at optimum efficiency. Our advanced routing technology and practice of moving consignments overnight or early in the morning whenever possible, helps our vehicles avoid congestion and reduce fuel consumption. To achieve and demonstrate sound environmental practice we follow the ISO14001 standard. To achieve and demonstrate sound environmental practice.

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Innovative routing technology reduces fuel consumption.
  • Harmful emissions carefully controlled by advanced technology.
  • Out-of-hours vehicle movements cut congestion.
  • Green workplace policies in place.

Nicholls Transport

Helping the Environment

Our Walking Floor Trailers!

The importance we place on protecting the environment is demonstrated by our willingness to embrace the latest technology for transporting 'green' materials, as well as our commitment to in-house training, and the working practices outlined in our environmental policy. Biomass - agricultural waste, wood, straw, manure and so on – is a valuable renewable energy source. But how to transport it to power stations? Walking floor trailers are the solution, and at Nicholls, we recognise the potential this innovative technology offers us and our customers.

Nicholls trailer types

Trailer Options

Walking Floor Trailer

  • 2.4 metres internal height
  • Maximum payload 26 tons


  • 2.4 metres internal height
  • Maximum payload 28.6 tons


  • 2.8 metres internal height
  • Maximum payload 28.6 tons


  • 3.2 metres internal height
  • Maximum payload 28.6 tons


  • 3.05 metres internal height
  • Maximum payload 28.6 tons


Fully Equiped

Our vehicles have a whole host of innovative features, putting Nicholls Transport above the rest. Automatic vehicles with OptiDrive technology help reduce engine wear and tear and also make them easier and more comfortable to drive. As part of our environmental policy all new vehicles have AdBlue fuelled SCR systems to reduce emissions. Having the ability to download vehicle data allows us to analyse fuel consumption, mileage, driver performance and therefore continually improve service levels. In addition all of our vehicles are tracked and each lorry cab has a phone installed in it enabling us to keep in contact with our drivers.

Expert in-house maintenance keeps the fleet road-ready and minimises costs for customers.

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